109 Parents Named Their Babies ‘Tesla’ in 2018

A playground scene: “Tesla, honey, please stop licking the scramble.”That is correct, 109 babies born within the US had been named Tesla in 2018, down from 143 in 2017. The Social Security Administration’s annual knowledge dump of minute one names happened on Friday, giving numbers nerds and bored weekend writers (*raises hand*) the chance to note challenging gem stones amongst the Liams, Emmas, and 2,545 ladies named Arya.The identify Tesla — far more standard for ladies than boys — began gaining repute within the early 2010s. In accordance with minute one identify scheme Nameberry, Tesla is of “Slavic, Serbian, Croatian beginning save that formulation ‘from Thessaly.'” Of course, or no longer it is mostly the identify of Elon Musk’s electrical automobile sign and the surname of inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, for whom the auto and strength firm became as soon as named after.

Assorted automobile-inspired names that made the checklist in 2018: Chevy (176 babies), Mercedes (236 babies), Lexus (40 babies), Audi (18 babies), Ford (419 babies), Bentley (3,393 babies), Dodge (15 babies), and one minute Pontiac Aztek. That closing one is now not at all times in actuality correct — for privateness reasons, the SSA greatest entails names given on the least five times within the twelve months.

There had been also 551 minute Edisons born in 2018, so that is a bonus minute one identify truth for you.


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