Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case Review

We have written a review article for you about Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case. The device comes at a price of $149.99, and thanks to the trackpad on it, it supports new cursor control in the iPadOS 13.4 version.

If you have a 7th generation iPad, this keyboard may be the best accessory for you, except Apple Pencil. Logitech also sells the keyboard version for iPad Air 3.

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Features

  • Built-in multi-touch trackpad
  • Backlit keys
  • iPadOS hot keys
  • Multi-angle writing stand with tilt of 50 degrees
  • Four modes of use optimized for writing, viewing, reading and drawing
  • Pen Holder for Apple Pencil 1st Gen and Logitech Cranyon
  • Smart connector for power and connection
  • Protective case that covers the front, back and sides of iPad

Unboxing and Setup

Inside the box are two parts that make up the keyboard case: the protective cover and the keyboard part that is magnetically attached to the bottom of the iPad.

Installing the Logitech keyboard on iPad 7 is very easy. After pressing the iPad to lock it in place, the edges surrounding the iPad are attached to the Smart Connector of the iPad. The keyboard case completely covers and protects the iPad inside.

Multi Angle Writing Stand

The Logitech keyboard case has a multi-angle support stand built into the back protective cover. It can be adjusted to a maximum of 50 degrees to achieve optimum viewing angle. The stand works pretty well on desktop use. However, we cannot say that it works equally well in my sitting position.

Smart Connector Works Well

One of the best features of Combo Touch is that the iPad 7’s new Smart Connector functions are available. Support for Smart Connector on iPad 7 allows users to instantly connect to peripherals such as Apple Smart Keyboard and Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case.

The presence of Smart Connector means you never have to worry about intermittent Bluetooth pairing or running out of keyboard battery. The keyboard is directly supported by iPad 7, which greatly simplifies the process of using an external keyboard.


Logitech Combo touch keyboard case has four different usage modes. There is standard mode for writing, mode for viewing, reading mode and drawing mode. Another nice feature is the built-in Apple Pencil / Logitech Crayon holder. When working with the pen, it offers a good solution for storing the pen in the right place.

Trackpad Features

Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case İnceleme
Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case

The top surface of the Trackpad is glass-like, just like a MacBook, of course, a bit smaller than a Macbook. You may feel a little cramped if you are used to using Magic Trackpad alone or on a laptop.

Since it uses a mechanical springboard design on the trackpad, when the surface is clicked, the Trackpad physically moves to record the click movement.

This is not the case with today’s Apple laptop Trackpads. The click is simulated and the Trackpad does not actually move when clicked. The biggest advantage of this type of Trackpad is that it is not a dead zone. This means that you can click anywhere on the surface.

You can enable the “Click Switch” located in Settings → General → Trackpad. This setting allows you to touch the surface to record clicks, which provides a more useful surface area for clicking.

Trackpad sometimes cannot detect when double-clicking with two fingers. A situation that can be annoying, if not so often. However, it is a problem that can be easily dealt with by updating the software.

Keyboard Experience

The Logitech Combo Touch has well spaced keys that provide sufficient feedback and key movement. Keys on the keyboard make it easy to type in low-light environments by backlighting.

The keyboard backlight can be controlled directly from the function line, which includes going to the home screen, adjusting the volume, starting the Spotlight search and more. There are four different backlight levels in total.

The utility application LogitechControl also includes keyboard backlight control settings to facilitate software updates. With this utility, you can change the backlight time from 5 seconds to 60 seconds and change the speed at which lights go out after standing still.

TeknomanyaK Comment

If you have a smart and expensive device like iPad, you can consider purchasing this device to take your investment to the next level. Price a bit expensive $149.95. But this comfort and functionality is worth this price.

The disadvantage of the Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case is that you compromise on thinness and weight while protecting your device. If you want to use the device more thinly and lightly, you can detach it from the case. Only then can you not use the stand function.

If you have an iPad 7 and want to take advantage of macOS’s Trackpad support, the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case is a good choice for you.

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Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case Review

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If you have an iPad 7 and want to take advantage of macOS's Trackpad support, the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case is a good choice for you.

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