Turkish towels on American beaches: Citizens of the Beach

Today, I want to talk about the Citizens of the Beach brand and the website where Turkish towels and Turkish-made beach clothing are sold, which is produced by my friend Cem Batu in USA and which is produced from 100% Turkish cotton.

Citizens of the Beach turkish towels home page

First of all, I can say that I attach great importance to every project made by Turkish entrepreneurs abroad, promoting our country and making them proud. This new initiative of Cem is also very important in terms of taking the place that Turkish cotton deserves on the beaches of USA and the world. That is why I wish him all the best here.

Here’s to the Citizens of The Beach brand. Cem did not compromise on quality as in every job. 100% real Turkish cotton produced by the Turkish towels with beautiful designs from both the website and the San Diego street store opens to customers. Street sales are important of course, but I will tell you more about the website and the features of the towels in this article.

Undoubtedly, Turkish towels and Turkish cotton are the best in the world. However, it is important to market this quality product with the right brand and the right brand promises. In addition, while producing standards at the highest level, to be respectful to nature and the environment.

Cem described Citizens of The Beach as follows on website:

“The Beach is ours; without borders or walls; regardless of race, identity, beliefs, sex, thoughts, choices. Sands, the sun, the ocean, the sea, the water, the joy, the fun: it all belongs to us. We are all born to be #CITIZENSOFTHEBEACH Letus all unite! #BELONGTOTHEBEACH.”

Cem Batu – Citizens of the Beach founder

Characteristics of Turkish towels

The features of Turkish towels sold on the website. All of them have high quality and made by 100% Turkish cotton. Both they have beautiful designs. They absorb water very fast and dry quickly. They are also lightweight, take up less space and save energy while being washed. Turkish towels are sold on the site are multipurpose towel. You can use them on beach, pool, bathroom, picnic, baby care, camp, spa, sports and physical exercises. The towels will become even fluffier and more absorbent with successive washings. Apart from the Turkish towels sold on the site, beach clothes are also made in Turkish. Cem works with the best Turkish and Greek designers for beach clothes as well as for towels.

Turkish towels and Turkish beach clothing manufacturers are selected by considering the environmental, safety, social and ethical standards in the suppliers that produce the beach clothes for Citizens of The Beach. Continuously audited suppliers are preferred, factories are regularly visited and manufacturers that do not have the standards are not strictly working. They attach great importance to being environmentally friendly and producing less energy.

You can submit any suggestions

Türk havluları - Citizens of the Beach

Citizens of The Beach is committed to working together with all local and global organizations to share their achievements and sustain the sustainability of resources in the world and to support the unlimited freedom of all people in the world, while delivering Turkish cotton, Turkish towels and 100% Turkish beach clothing to the US and entire world through the web.  If you have suggestions about this, you can always contact them at hello@citizensofthebeach.com.

Discover the Turkish towels now

Yes, today I introduced you to the Citizens of the Beach brand which Cem Batu established in San Diego, USA. I am glad to know him personally and to share the same desks during the school years. To sum up, you can access the Turkish towels made of 100% Turkish cotton and Turkish beach clothes by entering the website TheCitizenofTheBeach.com from all over the world. I want to repeat the last time the properties of the towels. 

Citizens of The Beach Turkish Towels:

Türk havluları - Citizens of the Beach
  • Produced with 100% Turkish cotton.
  • Not just for beaches. They are multipurpose towels.
  • They are lightweighted and increases your sea, beach, pool pleasure with its lightness. Who wants to go to the beach carrying heavy towels? Lightness means freedom.
  • All of the towels dry quickly. So, you don’t have to spend all day with a wet towel.
  • And all products are environmentally friendly. It has all the standards that must be in order to protect the environment and nature in its production. It also reduces the amount of energy using while being washed.

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  1. Hi, I had not appreciated the choice of Turkish Towels offered. You really appreciate using a quality beach towel, when it is heavy and absorbant and soft to the touch as well, thanks for the information, Alan

  2. These do sound good and I would probably try them when I need new towels. I do prefer 100% cotton towels and they last a long time so they are a good investment .
    Also I prefer a company that is eco-conscious and I hope they are so.

  3. These towels look amazing! And they come in so many different sizes, patterns and colours. I know how great Turkish cotton sheets are, so I know how soft these must be.

    Do you happen to know the thread count of these towels? Is it a very tight weave?

    Thanks so much for your review,

    1. Hello Suzanne, thank you for your kindly comment. Yes Turkish towels are best in the world and Citizen of the Beach’s towels have beautiful design and useful. Actually, i don’t produce these towels and this is my friends Cem Batu’s work in USA, San Diego. You can contact him via hello@citizensofthebeach.com and ask everything about towels. He will be glad to answers all your questions. Cheers and have a nice day. Thank you again.


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