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11 Steps to Google Adsense Approval

Every site owner who deals with content works with Google Adsense to convert his work into more or less money. Google Adsense generates better revenue than any other CPC (Cost Per Click) network. Because there are many advertisers and of course the world giant Google is behind. Therefore, applying Google Adsense is ultimately essential for any content or blogger.

What should we do on our website before getting Google Adsense approval? If we follow these steps, our application for approval does not result in negative results. In this article, we give the answers to this question in 11 steps.

11 Steps to Getting Google Adsense Approval

1. Write Original Content

Always write original content to get Google Adsense approval.
Always write original content for Google Adsense approval.

Do not write copy content. This doesn’t mean you just copy and paste the content you see on other sites. Write the articles yourself, use your own sentences, and try to write legible and entertaining articles that fit the spelling rules as much as possible.

2. Make Your Site, Ads Ready for Ads

Prepare your site for ads to receive Google Adsense approval.
Get your site ready to run ads.

You should use a mobile responsive theme to get your site ready for ads. There should be places for advertising in the upper and lower areas of the theme. People should be able to see ads before they start reading a story on your site. Do not advertise any other ad networks on your site without applying for Google Adsense. Many websites are not user friendly, users cannot get Google Adsense approval because they cannot navigate the site. That’s why your theme should be user friendly for both desktop and mobile use. Themeforest and Mythemeshop provides very nice themes for you.

3. At least add 10 long posts

Add at least 10 long fonts for Google Adsense.
Write at least 10 long posts.

Google search engine likes long content. As well as Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an ad network that aims to make and earn money through content sites. So before you request Google Adsense approval for your site, you must have 10 long (1,200 words) original contents. If you can write 10,000 words posts its better. Especially “how to do“, “what is this” style contents Google likes very much.

4. Make you Privacy, Terms of Use, About Us and Contact Pages

Add your site privacy, terms of use, and about you to Google Adsense.
Add privacy, terms of use and about pages.

Google wants to see who’s done the site for what purpose, how to protect the privacy of users. It also searches on a website that allows users to reach the site owner. That’s why we add the Privacy, Terms of Use, About Us and Contact pages to your website. So Google Adsense is more convinced that you’re not the one who is spamming.

5. 30 Day, 30 Posts Rule

To receive Google Adsense approval, your site must be at least 30 days old and have at least 30 articles.
Your site must be old than 30 days  and have at least 30 articles

Do not apply for Google Adsense if your site is less than 30 days old. And before you apply add at least 10 long and 20 short original posts (more than 300 words).

6. Do Not Use Free Hosting

Don't use free hosting for Google Adsense approval.
Do not use free hosting.

Of course, everything is free is better for life, but if you want to make money on the internet you need to spend a little bit money (actually more). Therefore, avoid the use of services that offer free hosting (hosting for your site files on the Internet). Google accepts only one of every 1,000 applications using free hosting. Also when you use free hosting services::

  • Nobody takes you seriously.
  • You seen as an amateur and a rookie.
  • Your business doesn’t have security, and as you can lost everything you do suddenly in a one day.
  • Large ad networks and affiliate programs do not accept you.

7. Make your brand

Make your branding for Google Adsense approval.
Make you website branding for Google Adsense approval.

Branding is important for Google Adsense. So your site, your blog necessarily get an original name. Use a logo design and a theme and site colors that match what you want to do with this name and topic.

8. Register your site with Google and Bing Webmasters

Google Adsense için sitenizi Google, Bing'e kaydedin.
Use tools from companies like Google, Bing.

Register your site with Google and Bing Webmasters, adding the Google Analytics code, and adding it to Google Search Console is important for you to get Google Adsense approval. Because you should make the harmony of your website with the search engines, more organic traffic you’ll get, and Google will think you’re doing your job more seriously. In addition, the best way to keep track of site traffic is to make a content site. Thus, you can follow your performance momentarily and understand what you need to improve.

9. Follow SEO Rules

Pay attention to the SEO rules for Google Adsense approval.
Follow the SEO guidelines for Google Adsense approval.

It is a must for Google to follow the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules and enter your site’s meta tags correctly. That’s why you have to follow the SEO rules exactly. Since this is a very long topic, we will not mention it long in this article. We can add articles on this in the future. If you use Wordpress, we advice you Yoast SEO plugin. You can make lots of SEO things with this plugin.

10. Make Your Site Visible

Use social media for Google Adsense approval.
Use social media.

Take advantage of the power of social media. Open your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts. We would recommend Quora if you speak English well. Being more active on these networks, as a result to get more social media traffic, the more traffic is always worthwhile for Google.

11. Get Your Own Domain Name

Use your own domain name for Google Adsense.
Use your own domain name.

Get your own domain name (if possible .com) for your website. Google Adsense doesn’t accept blogs already opened under Wordpress or Tumblr. Blogger is a Google service, so Google Adsense can be used, but things you do on platforms like this don’t seem as a professional. Maybe your posts are read a lot, but you have less chance of making money. You can buy domain names from Godaddy with cheap prices.

Plenty of earnings!

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