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We prepared a 10-question science quiz for you. If you want to test your knowledge, get to know scientists and learn more about them, welcome to our test!

We owe a lot to scientists. Without them, there would be no electricity, computers, healthcare technologies and much more that we use today.

Of course, while they served humanity, it also contributed to the invention of war machines that killed millions of people. Some even said he was going to invent something, causing his own death.

But still, let us take their positive side. Here is a 10-question science quiz about scientists who changed the world.

Let the Science Quiz Begin!

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Who Atomized the Atom First?

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The correct answer is Lise Meitner. She is the first person to break the atom, and his friend in the lab is Otto Hahn. They proved that the atom could break apart by testing Albert Einstein's E = mc2 theory.

Who Discovered Radioactivity as a Result of Experiments with Uranium?

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The correct answer is, of course, Marie Curie or Maria Salomea Skłodowska by birth name. She is a Polish-born chemist and physicist. Later he became a French citizen. She won a Nobel Prize in two different fields for his work on radioactivity. She discovered radioactivity as a result of his experiments with uranium.

Who Invented the First Electrically Operated Washing Machine?

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The answer is Alva John Fisher. He was born in 1862 and died in 1947. In 1906, it built the world's first electric-powered washing machine. Dirty laundry was placed in a horizontally placed metal drum in this washing machine.


Who Developed the Mouse Device, One of the Most Important Ways to Interact with Computers?

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Definitely the answer is Douglas Engelbart. In the 1960s, US inventor Douglas Engelbart invented computer mouse, a milestone in the interaction of people with computers.

Who Found the True / False Binary System That Contributed Greatly to Computers Today?

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The correct answer is George Boole. In 1850, George Boole played an important role in the development of computers by finding the Boolean Algebra system, which was named by his name and only the numbers 0 and 1 were used.

Who Invented the Phone?

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The correct answer is Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell, who emigrated to the USA from Scotland, patented the first device in the USA that could convert human voice in 1876. The device, invented by Graham Bell, was further developed in the following years. The phone was thus the first device in history to allow people at great distances to hear each other's voices.


Who Found the First Battery in History?

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Of course Alessandro Volta! Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta is an Italian physicist known for the invention of the battery. He was born on February 18, 1745, and died on March 5, 1827, in Camnago, Italy. He received the Copley Medal award in 1794.

Who Designed the Photography Machine First?

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The answer is Johann Zahn. He designed his first camera in 1685. In the book he wrote, there were drawings of Camera Obscura. Johann Zahn’s camera idea could not go beyond the drawings. The first photo was taken in 1814 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. Thousands of years ago, the Iraqi scientist Ibn Heysem discovered that the silver nitrate darkened in the sunlight, from the first designed camera. In his book called Optik in 1021, he mentioned a kind of device similar to a camera.

Who Developed Quantum Theory?

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Answer Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, German physicist and winner of the 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics. Planck developed the "Quantum Theory" and worked on Thermodynamic Laws. He found the Planck Constant known by his name and the Planck Radiation Law.


Who Allegedly Discovered the Buoyancy of Water while Bathing?

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The answer is Archimedes. He is an ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, astronomer, philosopher, and engineer. He is considered the first and greatest scientist of the ancient world. It laid the foundation of hydrostatics and mechanics. The buoyancy of water, which is allegedly discovered while bathing in a bath, is the most well known contribution to science.

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