Galaxy Note 20 Comes With 4,000mAh Battery

Samsung now focus on the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series along with the next Galaxy Fold smartphone. While we’re still four months away from the Galaxy Note 20 big reveals, the 1st rumors are beginning to pop out.

Galaxy Note 10 Had a 3,500mAh Battery

The latest rumor about Samsung flagship, shows that the Galaxy Note 20 will pack a 4,000mAh battery. That may not sound so impressive, but you need to take in mind that the last year’s Note 10 had a 3,500mAh battery.

If this rumor is accurate, then we’ll actually see a great upgrade in the battery pack. The report comes from AndroidCommunity and states that the forthcoming king of phablets will sport an electric battery with a rated capacity of 3,880mAh.

The battery sports model code EB-BN980ABY and may come with a typical capability of up to 4,000mAh battery. That’s the same size as the Galaxy S20 battery.

When it comes to the bigger Note 20+, we’re probably seeing a more capable electric battery. It could be the 4,500mAh unit from the S20+ or even a 5,000mAh device from the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Of program, there are actually rumors about a Note 20 Ultra. Therefore, we still need to wait for more consistent info regarding the batteries in the high-end variants.

Note 20 Series May Release with Snapdragon 865+

As you can imagine, details are pretty scarce about the upcoming Samsung flagship series. Ofcourse, it reveals some obvious specifications like Android 10 and 8GB RAM. The biggest surprise here’s what seems to be a yet to be exposed Snapdragon 865+ chipset.

If Samsung launches the Note 20 series with the Snapdragon 865+ chipset, it will be the very first time in years that we will see an actual difference in performance over the Galaxy S Series.

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