Fallout 76’s Next Big Patch Makes Some Welcome Improvements

The next Fallout 76 patch will make some welcome improvements to the game, including helping new players ease towards the wasteland.

Patch 11, due out mid-July, will change the overall game so low-level characters do have more gradual introductions to some concerning the MMO’s mechanics and challenges, Bethesda said in a blog post.

Characters under level 25 can pay fewer caps when fast-traveling, by way of example. Characters under level 15 may have higher disease resistance. Bethesda also promises to replace a number of early-game challenge rewards with things that’ll give newcomers “a far better chance at survival”.

The developer said it’s trying to nerf the matter of some creatures in certain sub-regions ın the Ash Heap, the Savage Divide and Toxic Valley, the idea being players have fewer encounters with higher-level enemies once they first leave the relative safety linked to the forest. The upshot on most it is new players will need to have a less strenuous time of it call during the wasteland, that could be certainly the best thing.

Elsewhere, patch 11 makes raw food products and fluxes last 50 per cent longer before spoiling. The patch does mean food and drinks not any longer lose condition once you fast travel.

And listed here is another welcome change: patch 11 improves item descriptions. Legendary items will display all of their current attributes rather than just the first if you view them in trade, vending or container menus. And – finally! – once you view crafting recipes or mods whenever you consider the inspect, trade, vending or container menus, you are going to now start to look at description when it comes to item they create.

Here is how it appears to be:
Other welcome total well being improvements through the ability to activate Stealth Boys while wearing Power Armor, a new Enable Power Armor HUD option to the settings that lets you toggle between the Power Armor HUD or perhaps the typical HUD while wearing Power Armor, and – again, finally! – post-patch bulk junk items in your inventory will likely to be safe through the Scrap All Junk option – an alteration requested by fans ever since Fallout 76 came out. However, bulk junk will still be automatically scrapped as required while you’re crafting or repairing.

Fallout 76 suffered a disastrous launch (it absolutely was a difficult avoid from me in Eurogamer’s Fallout 76 review), but Bethesda has stuck using the game, issuing a raft of updates which have definitely improved matters.

Fallout 76’s journey along the road to redemption continues.


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